Saturday, 21 July 2012

A little bit about me...

Back in November 2011 I went to the allergist and tested positive for some of the most common and beloved foods in my diet.  I sat speechless, looking at my test results until numbers and foods started to swirl around on the page.  I was obviously overwhelmed.  What have these things been doing to me?  How could I cut these things out?  Baby steps.  I started cutting out the most serious and felt some benefits.  Eventually I cut out all my tested allergies and before I knew it, many of my symptoms that I had battled, were gone.  I knew I had to stick to my diet in order to continue feeling this good, but I had a hard time.  I am a horrible cook, hate to experiment with food and love to bake. It was the most difficult challenge to my everyday life, but I soon became determined to make it work.  I refuse to be the person who misses out on the enjoyment of eating because there is so much restricted to me.  On the contrary, the earth is also rich with foods I can eat.  It's a change to my lifestyle, but it's a healthier one in the long run.  Here I will post my adventures in cooking and baking as I try to find the best recipes for my allergies.  I hope they inspire you too, whether or not you deal with allergies.

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