Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pasta Salad Pizazz!

This past week was extremely busy and while I was able to cook and take pictures, I had no time to post them, so here I am, Sunday afternoon, trying to make up for it.  On busy summer weeks I enjoy having easy, cold meals that can last a few days.  Pasta salads are always really good for that, but my diet didn't seem to allow for anymore pasta when I had to cut out wheat and rice.  It wasn't until my friend spotted Eden Organic Rye Spirals at a specialty grocery store that I had hope once again of consuming pasta salad.  All I needed was a recipe that worked well with the flavor.  Enter, Martha Stewart.  With a few alterations to the recipe, I made the Minestrone Salad.  It was delicious and it seemed to get better even better with a day or two under its belt to allow flavours to mingle properly.  Take a look, even the pictures make my mouth water!
vegan (dairy, meat and egg free), nut and peanut free, wheat free (if you use wheat free pasta)

As I mentioned before, I used my rye pasta instead of wheat.  Because of my allergies I left out green beans, corn and tomatoes and doubled up on the carrots and zucchini and added some celery in its place.  Filling and delicious.

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