Monday, 23 July 2012

MMmm cookies!

Cookies are tricky to make sans wheat, eggs, dairy and corn free baking powder and don't even try the gluten free alternatives (potato, rice and corn allergy).  My coworker told me about this bakery in New York called Babycakes that bakes gluten free, often sugar free vegan treats (aka-could work for me!).  The owner has food allergies herself so I knew there had to be something I could eat.  Sure enough, in Babycakes Covers the Classics, Erin McKenna gave me two recipes I could make as per directions: Nilla Wafers and Snickerdoodles.  Her recipes have to be followed to the letter but they always turn out when you do so.    After watching my friends eat cookies after an allergen safe dinner I had a terrible craving.  Even though it was past 7pm, (sorry Dr. Homeopath!) I baked a batch of oversized Nilla Wafers (with Palm sugar instead of regular cane sugar) and gobbled up a third of the batch.  Yummmmmm!  It reminds me of my good ol' baking days. Now I can go to bed a happy, content gal.

Bedtime snack. *heart*

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