Monday, 13 August 2012

Any volunteers?

Some days I can really create a big mess in the kitchen.  For a person who doesn't cook much, I'm not always sure how I manage to do it.  Often the mess grows worse as I try to clean it up, terribly ironic, no?  Today I had a couple dishes leftover from last night and then added to it with the prep for my lunch tomorrow (the o-so-yummy roasted beet with edamame and arugula salad) and vanilla coconut milk ice cream to bring for dessert to my friend's house tonight.  I managed to do a sinkful of dishes only to return home and make roasted chickpeas for the movie I'm seeing tomorrow and my tropical oat bars 'cause I was officially OUT of them.  Finally, well past my bedtime, I am collapsed here on my sofa reflecting on my afternoon and evening with full knowledge now of where my mess came from.  Perhaps next time there will at least be a volunteer to do the dishes....

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