Sunday, 26 August 2012

Shhhhh don't tell the homeopath....

When I first started seeing a homeopath earlier this year, my liver results were almost off the charts bad.  He gave me a sheet of paper with more dietary restrictions to live by.  It actually wasn't too hard since it seemed to build on my allergy diet by taking away just a few extras like sugar and alcohol.  But since learning of my allergies, my friends have had me try a few things like unsweetened apple cider and certain wines without added sulphites.  Now I find it a little difficult to follow the diet in the alcohol respect so I try to keep it to a minimum, purchasing small quantities so that I only partake once every week or two.  At the liquor store last week, I was in purchasing my favourite apple cider when a point-of-purchase taster wine bottle caught my eye.  Thanks to it's light, tropical description of the Yellow Tail Moscato in-store I was sold, and waited for a special evening to crack it open.  While it doesn't appear to be organic or suphite-free I didn't get a headache or nausea from having a small glass of it and it was indeed light and refreshing.  It will definitely be a wine I can bring as a hostess gift and something I would serve with a group of friends.  I had to share my happiness with you, just don't tell my homeopath!

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