Thursday, 1 November 2012

You'll want more....

A few months ago I purchased a food dehydrator, trying to offset the cost of all the dried fruit I was purchasing to make my granola bars.  It requires more time and energy on my part to cut the fruit and tend to the fruit or herbs or whatever I am dehydrating.  It always turns out amazing though (except for papaya and cantaloupe, which is typically dipped in sugar syrup, and my homeopath would have a heart attack if I did that).  I've made dehydrated pineapple, mango, kiwi (I would recommend you skip that, it's is not as good as fresh, not even close), papaya, cantaloupe, watermelon (see kiwi comment), kale chips (turns out a little chewier than in the oven but doesn't burn which is awesome), and most recently, flax crackers.  I only used wheat-free tamari soy sauce, but my goodness they turned out well!!  My snacking ways almost caused me to inhale the whole batch.  Given that these are made with only flax seeds and soy sauce, that is not a wise idea, you could be a little too regular after that!  But in small amounts it is healthy and delicious!  I haven't tried it with a dip yet but I can imagine it would be delicious with avocado slices....bean dip....mmmmm....  If you have a dehydrator I highly recommend these as a healthy and nutritious, vegan snack.  Happy snacking!

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